Black & Decker PHS550B Review – Is the 3.4 Amp Powered Hand Saw a Great Purchase?

Black & Decker PHS550B 3.4 Amp Powered Handsaw

The Black & Decker PHS550B is a 120V electric handsaw which is suitable for small jobs around the house. It is not a chain saw. It is more like a hacksaw. If your cutting needs include light pruning and cutting firewood into smaller chunks, this power tool can be a good choice. Ideal for straight cutting, it allows for indoor/outdoor use. Let’s have a look at some of the features of Black & Decker PHS550B that make it stand out.

Coming with a compact, lightweight design, this is a great tool for women, seniors or occasional carpenters. You move it back and fourth just like a regular saw. It vibrates electrically. While a back and forth hand movement is still required to make the cut, it requires much less force and strength than a conventional, old fashioned handsaw. You will not get tired quickly using this saw.

With a 3.4 amp motor, the Black & Decker PHS550B gives a no load strokes per minute of 0 – 4600. The variable speed switch allows for greater control. Different types of saw blades can be attached to this saw. The large capacity blade is meant to tackle soft wood and plastic soil pipe. You can use the metal cutting blade when dealing with ferrous/non-ferrous metals up to 1/8 in thick. People like the versatility the blades provide.

In addition to the large capacity blade and metal cutting blade, the 3.4 amp powered handsaw also comes with a storage bag makes it easy to hang up in the garage. This enables you to store saw unit and the blades in one location. The specialty saw is equipped with a 6-ft cord. You can use an extension cord to extend your reach. For an extension cord length of 25′ you can use an 18 awg cord. Just refer to the manual to determine the correct size to use.

Black and Decker PHS550B cutting branch

The Black & Decker PHS550B 3.4 Amp Powered Handsaw has received very good feedback from many buyers. As of this writing, it has received 4.3 out of 5 stars on This proves how good the product is. Like any other product, this one is not completely flawless however.

According to some reviewers, attaching the blade is a challenging task. Many people have cited problems installing the saw blade. The instructions are not very clear. Black & Decker might need to redesign the blade attachment mechanism. This may be the only negative point of this corded handsaw. Moreover, not everyone has any trouble inserting the blade.

The vibration can be a strain on the arms at times. However, this is a saw for small, occasional jobs, not for intensive work. Lots of reviewers seem very satisfied with the performance of this powered saw. It cuts well and makes wood cutting faster and easier.

The fact that it weighs only 5.95 lb has also pleased many reviewers. The hand grip also seems comfortable. People have reported it is easy to manouver. The compact design makes it perfect for trimming small tree branches. If you have always been a bit afraid of a chain or full size saw, it can be a good alternative.

The B&D PHS550B is not the greatest small cutting tool. But based on the customer feedback, it does the job it is supposed to do. If you need a simple saw that will do various things, this is a tool to have around. Backed by a 2-year limited warranty, many have reported that it is well worth the money.

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