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In Review – GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX Cordless Chainsaw

When talking about good cordless chainsaws, one of the product worth mentioning due to its popularity is the GreenWorks 20312. A battery powered chainsaw will not keep up with a gas powered unit. That said, lots of people have been pleased with the cutting ability of this highly rated electric model. Read this GreenWorks 20312 […]

Does The Makita XCU02Z 36V Chain Saw Hold Up For The Price?

Released by Makita, the XCU02 can be a good solution for those who have a need for a cordless chain saw for light duty applications. It is not a perfect replacement for a gas but for daily work, why bother with oil and gas mixing. Go through this article to get familiar with the properties […]

WORX WG304.1 Review – Why Is There So Much Interest In The Electric Chainsaw?

The WORX WG304.1 can be a good solution for those who need a powerful electric chain saw which is easy to operate and maintain. Definitely, it will not cut as fast as a high end gas model. That said, it is perfect for the city dweller’s chain saw needs. The cost is also so much […]

Black & Decker NLP1800 Alligator Lopper Review – What Makes It So Special

The Black & Decker NLP1800 Alligator Lopper can be a good choice for you who are looking for a small cutting tool that enables you to easily take down unwanted trees or to trim overgrown bushes which are taking over your garden. It may look like a little “toy” chain saw — but it is […]

In Review: Black and Decker LCS120 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Chain Saw

Released by Black and Decker, the LCS120 can be a good solution for you who need a cordless saw for pruning applications. Coming with a lightweight design, it is ideal for cutting small logs up to 8 inches in diameter. It can be said that the Black and Decker LCS120 is a woman friendly power […]