DeWalt DWS535 Review – What is So Great About The 7 1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw?

DeWalt DWS535 7 1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw

If you are searching for a true professional circular saw, then the DeWalt DWS535 is one to consider. The power tool comes with many features that make various types of cutting jobs easy. In terms of power tool, DeWalt is one of the most trusted brands in the world. Read on to see if this 7 1/4 inch model is a good fit.

The saw runs on 110/120 volt AC current. Cutting power is provided by a 15-amp motor that runs at 4800 RPM under no load conditions. The tool uses self lubricating ball and roller bearings. Backed by a limited three-year warranty, the hand held power saw is suitable for carpenters who need power and durability.

DeWalt DWS535 Review Video

The DWS535 includes an adjustment that allows you to set the blade angle anywhere from 0 to 53 degrees. This provides more flexibility during cuts.There are two positive stop at 22.5 and 45 degrees for increased accuracy. The bevel angle adjustment mechanism consists of a calibrated angle quadrant and a bevel adjustment lever. The angle quadrant is marked in 1 degree increments.

The hand held cutting tool comes with a 7 1/4″ 18 tooth general purpose carbide tipped blade. A number of optional blades can be purchased separately for cutting various materials. Offering greater torque than a sidewinder, it uses blades with a diamond-shaped arbor hole. A blade wrench is included with this saw to help you change blades. There is also a spindle lock button that enables easier and faster blade changing.

Depth of cut at 90 degrees is 2-7/16 inches. The work capacity at 45 degrees is 1-7/8 inches. Set the saw for the proper depth of cut to keep blade friction to a minimum and to minimize kickback. Cutting depth adjustment is accomplished by lifting a locking lever to move the foot plate. Then lower the lever and tighten securely to lock the base plate at the desired height.

Weighing 13.8 lbs, it certainly is not the lightest worm drive saw on the market. Compared with a standard circ saw, that is a lot of weight to handle all day long. However, it is still much lighter than the 7-1/4-inch SKILSAW SHD77 that weighs in at 16.4 pounds. When dealing with a long shift, it can make a ton of difference. The lightweight design is achieved through the use of magnesium housing and footplate.

The saw also has a nice wide rafter hook that folds flat against the tool body when not in use. Another feature included is a Toughcord cord protection system. The manufacturer claims it provides 4X better cord jerk protection. The DeWalt worm drive corded circular saw accepts the DWS5100 12″ dual port rip guide.

Like any other product, this one is not completely flawless. The DWS535 is not equipped with an automatic electric brake. Another drawback reported by owners is that there is no safety switch. Further, it does not come with a twist-lock connector to prevent the cord from unplugging inadvertantly. Some people also wish it came with a case.

Although it has received a small number of negative reviews, the customer feedback for this product has been very encouraging. It gets an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on amazon. You can click here to read customer reviews.

Lots of owners have been impressed with its cutting power. From cutting through engineered lumber to ripping multiple sheets of plywood, all can be accomplished easily. Many reviewers have also keenly expressed their appreciation for the design and the construction of the saw. Adjustments are easy, the depth guage is accurate, the base is solid and the cord system feels very sturdy. They also appreciate the oversized rafter hook.

If you are looking for a well engineered 7 1/4-inch worm drive circular saw, the DeWalt DWS535 is well worth a serious look and consideration. Buying a high quality tool will save you time and money in the long run.