Dremel SM20-02 Review – Take a Closer Look at the 120-Volt Saw-Max Tool Kit

Dremel SM20 120-Volt Saw-Max

When looking for a simple to use, versatile compact saw, the Dremel SM20 should be one of the considerations. With a small cutting wheel, it is well suited for tight spaces and small cuts. If you are looking to cut 2X4’s, you will be better off with a full size circular saw. But there are applications which are best served by a smaller saw. If you live in an apartment and like to build small projects, the Dremel SM20 is the tool to consider. This Dremel SM20 review should give you enough answers to decide if this is the home tool for you.

The Dremel SM20 Saw-Max can make straight, plunge, and flush cuts in a variety of materials. It is available as part of a kit, Dremel SM20-02. You can also opt for the Dremel CKDR-02. The combo kit is composed three power tools (Dremel 3000 rotary tool, Multi-Max MM20 oscillating tool, and Saw-Max SM20 cutting tool). Buying the three tools in a package is cheaper than buying them individually. But you are essentially buying the kit for the tools only as the kit comes with very limited accessories. In this article we will take a closer look at the Dremel SM20-02.

Apart from the saw the 120-Volt Saw-Max Tool Kit also includes cutting wheels, a cutting guide, and a dust port adapter. Storage case and owner’s manual are also included in the package. The plastic carrying case has enough room to accommodate the Saw-Max and its power cord. It also has slots for saw blades and a few allen wrenches. The mini circular saw is not designed to replace a full sized circular saw. But with different blade types and accessories included in the kit, it is a good tool to have around.

Coming with one multi-purpose carbide wheel, one metal cut-off wheel, one tile diamond wheel, and one flush cut carbide wheel, this tool kit allows you to tackle different cuttting jobs without purchasing more blades right away. The SM500 carbide wheel cuts a variety of wood materials. The SM510 abrasive metal cut-off wheel cuts ferrous and nonferrous materials. The diamond-grit edge on the SM540 3″ tile diamond wheel makes cutting tiles and masonry materials easy. The SM600 is a dome-shaped wheel. It is specially designed for making flush cuts up in a variety of wood materials.

Dremel SM20 is used for flush cutting

Featuring two cutting wheel positions, this tool can be used for making typical straight cuts or making flush cuts along flooring or against a wall. This comes in handy when installing a new flooring. Located on the right side of the tool is a lever that you can use to adjust the depth of the cut. The maximum cutting depth is 3/4″ (21.5 mm). As mentioned before, this tool is shipped with a two-by-four cutting guide to help you saw through a 2 x 4 lumber with two passes. The cutting guide works with both standard and flush cut wheels. The foot on this tool is spring loaded that makes it easy when making plunge or interior cuts into a workpiece.

The 120V mini handheld cutting tool is powered by a 6-amp motor with worm drive configuration. The design makes it easy to follow a cutline. Circular saws are available in two styles: wom-drive and sidewinder. Generally, worm drive saws have more torque than sidewinders. Power is transferred from the motor to the blade via a gearing system. In other words, the blade is not mounted directly to the motor’s driveshaft. The gear arrangement allows higher torque to be transmitted. The Dremel SM20 runs at a high 17,000 RPM under no load condition. Basically, the higher the RPM, the more control you have over the cut.

Other features of the saw include a paddle switch that comes with lock-off feature, lock-on button which is a convenience for long operations, and a line guide. Many reviewers have found that changing blades is easy. The blades are labeled as to what they are used for. The Saw-Max handheld saw comes equipped with a spindle lock button that makes it easier to change the saw blade. It locks the shaft in place so it will not move while attempting to loosen or tighten the lock bolt. Hex key is needed to change the cutting wheels.

The Dremel SM20-02 has received a lot of positive reviews from its customers at Amazon.com. The Saw-Max Tool Kit is currently rated 4.4/5 stars. This is not a do-it-all circular saw but given its cutting power, lightweight design, and a good choice of blades for different cuttting jobs, many people have commented that this nice portable saw is worth the price.

Dremel SM20 is used for cutting tile

It is not perfect. Some negative views have also been voiced by the customers. One criticism leveled at the product has been made in relation to the blades. Some users have reported that the blades get dull fast. They are somewhat expensive to replace. Others have commented that the tool heats up quickly. Some customers would have also liked to see a metal guard on this tool.

As with any product, it has some limitations. It is not designed to be a dedicated cut-off machine. Do not attempt to cut large stock or sheets of metal with this tool. The manual says that it may become hot when making cuts longer than 2 feet in material. Let the tool rest in between cutting.

Despite such negative feedback, the customer reviews have been positive for the most part. Many reviewers have been very pleased with the Dremel Saw-Max and its cutting abilities. According to them, it has good power for its size. Many applications such as cutting small boards or slicing up thin sheet aluminum call for it.

Many reviewers have also praised the design of the unit. At 1/3rd the size of a standard circular power saw, it gives a convenient one-handed operation. The lightweight design makes it easy to handle. The users have also expressed their appreciation both for its its sturdiness. According to them, this is a well constructed tool. The relatively low noise level is another characteristic of this cutting tool that has pleased some reviewers.

Every product has its own strengths and weaknesses and this one has its place. As long as you keep in mind that it is not a heavy duty professional tool, then based on the customer feedback you will be pleased with this machine. This versatile cutting tool can be a great addition to your workshop tool bin for light duty jobs.

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