In Review: Black and Decker LCS120 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Chain Saw

Black and Decker LCS120 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Chain Saw

Released by Black and Decker, the LCS120 can be a good solution for you who need a cordless saw for pruning applications. Coming with a lightweight design, it is ideal for cutting small logs up to 8 inches in diameter. It can be said that the Black and Decker LCS120 is a woman friendly power tool. The design makes it easy for a woman to handle. This Black and Decker LCS120 review should give you enough answers to decide if this is the right cordless electric saw for you.

Powered by a 20V battery, it can make up to 150 1-1/2 in. diameter cuts on just a single charge. Coming with an eight-inch bar, there are various uses for this saw. While it will not cut down big trees, it can handle limbs up to 8 in. diameter, making it a good choice for cutting up fallen limbs after storms. You can of course use it for small logs for firewood. Weighing 5.1 pounds, this is a saw to take camping and light use around the yard.

The LCS120 is a 20-volt MAX lithium-ion cordless chain saw. The package includes LBXR20 battery and LCS20 battery charger. The LBXR20 is advertised as an extended run time battery. It holds a charge for up to 500 days. Based on the customer feedback, the battery only provides about 20-30 minutes of continuous use. It is adequate to chew through quite a bit of branches. But for winter clean up, for instance, consider to get a spare battery. An extra battery will cost you around $40.

Designed to operate on standard household electrical power (120 Volts), the charging system utilizes an ENERGY STAR qualified charger. On average, ENERGY STAR qualified battery chargers use 30 less energy than standard models. Based on the manual, expect to wait around 4-8 hours to charge a fully depeleted battery. It is recommended to recharge discharged batteries as soon as possible after use.

When it comes to design, the soft grip handle provides a secure, comfortable grip. The wrap around handle allows multiple gripping positions. This is supposed to provide precision and control. The chain saw is also equipped with kickback safety features. To reduce the risks associated with kickback, the cordless power tool comes with an 8-inch reduced kickback bar that is designed with a small radius tip and low kickback chain that is designed with a contoured depth gauge.

The 20V Lithium Ion 8″ chain saw has received a lot of encouraging feedback from its customers at At this time of writing, it is currently rated 4.1/5 stars. More than half of the reviewers have given it a perfect rating.

As with a conventional gas powered chain saw, you need to keep the chain properly tensioned. It is important to check tension at regular intervals with the motor stopped and battery removed. This product is shipped with a wrench that is needed to tighten the chain. The new version of this product, the Black & Decker LCS1020 offers tool-free blade tension system for quick adjustments. Coming with an improved auto oiling system, there is no need for manual oiling with the new model. With the B&D LCS120, you will need to lubricate the whole chain evenly before each use. This saw uses a high quality bar and chain oil or SAE30 weight motor oil. There is a little oil bottle right on the chainsaw to for chaing oiling.

In terms of performance, do not expect to cut a maple tree down with this little cordless chain saw. Do not compare this to a gas powered chainsaw. But when it comes to limbing or taking down bushes, many reviewers have reported that it is a powerful cutting tool. The battery run time is long enough for cutting through a bunch of small branches. Of course, it depends on the type of work to be done.

Using this 20V LI system means no gas emissions and no difficult starting. It is also relatively quiet, allowing you to cut anytime of the day or night without disturbing your neighbors. No needs for ear plugs. It definitely is not for everyone. But if you need a lightweight chainshaw for light duty applications without the hassle of a cord, then the B&D LCS120 cordless saw is worth considering.

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