Makita 4329K Review – What to Expect From the 3.9 Amp Top-Handle Jig Saw

Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Top-Handle Jig Saw

The Makita 4329K is a kit that includes a top-handle jig saw, tool case, blade and wrench. It is not bundled with extras but still has some important features such as different orbital settings and variable speed. Like many makita products, consumer comments on Amazon indicates a high level of satisfaction with the 4329K. Here is an unbiased review of the 3.9 Amp jig saw to help you decide whether it is the right model for you.

Priced around $70, the Makita 4329K can be a good option for people who are not interested in spending too much money for their woodworking hobby. Powered by a 3.9 Amp motor, it is a little jig saw for casual users. If what you need is a jig saw for heavy-duty home improvement projects, then this may not be the right choice for you. For heavy-duty use, choose the one with 5 or more amps. However, many reviewers have been impressed with its cutting performance. Customer feedback suggests that this corded tool allows for smooth, straight cuts.

The variable speed control allows you to put in a speed you want. You can adjust the tool speed infinitely between 500 and 3100 SPM. The maximum speed of 3100 SPM is more than enough for most users. This tool also comes eqipped with a speed adjusting dial. Six speed settings are available. This offers the user a lot of flexibility. Plastics, for instance, require low speed, while wood demands much higher speed. It is clear that this top-handle jig saw is not just a tool for simple DIY projects.

The Makita 4329 can be operated with an orbital or a straight line cutting action. There is a selection lever that enables you to change the cutting action. There are three orbital action settings that you can choose: small, medium and large. This feature will come in handy when you deal with different materials. The large orbit cutting action is intended for fast cutting in wood and plywood. For fast cutting in aluminum
and mild steel, you will want to use the medium setting.

Makita 4329K curve cutting

The 450 watts jig saw allows you to make bevel cuts at anyangle between 0° and 45° in either direction with positive stops at 90° and 45. This gives you the ability to craft beveled edge style picture frames. A hex wrench is provided for base adjustments. This Makita cutting tool does not offer a tool-less change option for faster bevel adjustments. However this is to be expected for a jig saw in this price range.

If convenience is a critical factor for you, then you will be happy that the Makita variable-speed jig saw is equipped with an ergonomically designed rubberized grip. Together with the counterweight balancing system for reduced vibration, it will help reduce fatigue and enhance precision. For added convenience during continuous operation, there is a button that allows you to lock the trigger switch in “ON” position. it also has a dust cover at the front to prevent chips from flying.

The Makita 4329K is not the fanciest saw out there. It does not offer tool-less blade change and a work light, something which is provided by some cheaper models. If you are serious about furniture making, a model with some more options is probably more appropriate for you.

Despite its simplicity, most of the customer reviews for the Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable-Speed Top-Handle Jig Saw have been very positive. At this time of writing, it scores 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Most have no complaints for this product. It is clear that this saw lives up to the Makita reputation.

You can buy a more powerful jig saw if you wish but it will be heavier and thus harder to maneuver. Customer feedback suggests that this Makita jig saw produces minimal vibration. This leads to better control and faster, straighter cuts . Coming with a compact design and die-cast aluminum base, it weighs merely 4.2 lbs. Speaking about simplicity, users have reported that changing blades is quick and easy even though it does not offer a have a quick release blade mechanism,

The Makita 4329K is not terribly expensive. It is not overloaded with extras. But if you are looking for a simple jig saw with plenty of power and accuracy, then based on the customer feedback you will be pleased with this product. Not only the versatility and performance, the build quality has also made a positive impression upon the reviewers.

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