Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Review – Decide If The Portable Tabletop Saw Is A Good Fit

Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X

Rockwell is a popular tool brand. Rockwell cutting machines such as the RK3440K VersaCut are very popular among handypersons. If you are looking to get a portable tabletop saw for light duty, simple projects, then the Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 is one to consider. Here is a brief rundown of the pros and cons of the cutting machine.

Basically, the Rockwell X2 is a jig saw mounted upside-down on a table platform. Being mounted to a base, it will make material handling easier. Unlike using a conventional unit, you guide the material instead of the tool.

Rockwell RK7323 has been advertised to do rip cut, cross cut, and miter cut. It is important to realize however, that it is not a real table saw with a circular blade. You should not get this for super precise cuts. It is not an ideal tool to cut very long straight lines. With all of that being said, from doing pallet wood projects to installing laminate flooring in the house, it has proven to be a handy multi-purpose cutting tool.

A set of blades are included in the package, enabling you to cut a variety of materials. Depending on the type of your project, no need to buy new blades right away. Wood, metal, plastic and even ceramic tile can be cut by the included saw blades. The Blade Runner X2 accepts standard, widely available t-shank jig saw blades.

The manual states that you can use up to a 4″ long blade. The max depth allowed by the machine for wood is 1-1/2″. The recommended aluminum cutting capability is 3/8″. For steel, its cutting capacity is up to 1/8 inch thick. Maximum depth of cut in ceramic is 3/8″.

Measuring 15-3/4″x17″ and weighing merely 14.74 lbs, it is something which is easy to move and store. Perfect for a small workbench in the garage. The built in handle adds a level of portability to the machine.

The corded-electric saw comes with 5.5 amp rating. It plugs into a regular 110v outlet. Located in the leg housing is a power switch to quickly switch this tool on or off. There is a port for a vacuum hose to deal with cutting operation that produces a high amount of dust.

Amazon reviewers give the Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner 4.1 stars out of 300 reviews. Many users have stated that it offers a good value for money. However, just like any tool it has its strengths and weaknesses.

To keep it well in place on the work table or on the floor, this jigsaw-based tool comes equipped with rubber feet. That said, there are a number of negative reviews that it vibrates too much. Others have found that the table top does not tilt and the blade can not be angled. Finally, some people wish the portable tabletop saw had a variable speed feature.

Despite its shortcomings, most of the customer reviews have been very encouraging. For applications such as making wooden puzzles, it is best to invest in a scroll saw. It is not an ideal tool for cutting detailed curves. If you plan to use it primarily for ripping long boards, it is best to invest in a table saw. With all of that being said, it will do many of the things that those dedicated tools will.

Coming with a table base, it is more stable and easier to use than a handheld jig saw. The price is also very reasonable. A rip fence and a sliding miter gauge are also included in the package, making the cutting tool more useful. Assembly instruction consist only of pictures that could be daunting to someone. However, this is not a big issue to the majority.

As for build quality, the cutting tool is made mostly of plastic. That said, it seems reasonably sturdy for an average homeowner. Blade changes are easy. The little storage compartment on the side for storing blades is another plus point of this little mounted jigsaw table.

Every tool certainly has limitations. But if you want a cutting machine that covers some aspects of a scroll saw and a table saw, the BladeRunner X2 can be a great addition to your woodworking tool collection. For under a hundred bucks, this is not going to break your bank.