WORX WORXSAW WX429L Review – Here Are The Pros And Cons Of The Compact Circular Saw


Currently, many compact circular saw are available in the market, one of which is the WORX WORXSAW WX429L. This machine can be a good solution for people who occasionally needs a circular saw to handle light duty jobs around the house. From cutting up pallets to trimming small tree branches, it is ready to handle various applications and working conditions.

The light-duty tool comes with a 4 1/2 ” 24 tooth general cutting blade for wood. When it comes to cutting capacity, it will cut 1-11/16 inch at 90 degrees. Cutting depth at 45 deg is 1-1/8 inch. Long panel cuts may be tricky due to the small size of the blade. If you are planning to make lots of long accurate cuts, then your best bet is to upgrade to a larger capacity. However, if you are planning to do some overhead work in tight places, then this tool may be your best tool choice. It should work fine for cutting plywood.

Just like a full size circular saw, it also has the ability to make angled cuts. Bevel capacity is 0-45 deg. There is a guide on the saw to adjust the desired angle. The cutting depth and bevel angle adjustment levers allow for quick adjustments. In addition to the carbide tipped wood cutting blade, the saw also comes with a parallel guide, vacuum adapter, and allen key in the packaging. With the adjustable edge guide, it will be easier to keep on a straight line. The built in vacuum port makes cleanup easy.

The WORX WX429L is a corded electric saw that plugs into a regular electric outlet. The light-duty tool has a no-load speed of 3500 RPM. The rated amps is 4.0 with 120V~60HZ, a bit lower than the Rockwell that draws 5 amp. That said, with a cheaper price tag, this product is a good choice for people who are just starting DIY projects. The cord is long enough to allow the tool to move freely in the working area.

At 4.4 lbs, this little tool is light enough to use one handed, a good option for women or people with no experience with power tools. Item dimensions are 4.17 x 15.08 x 5.79 in, smaller than the Genesis GCS545C and the Rockwell RK3441K. In terms of safety, there is a trigger lock which is easy to reach. It also comes with a lock button to hold the blade in place, making it easier when changing the blade. Another feature offered is an on-board storage for the adjustment wrench.

As of this writing, the compact circular saw an average rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 on Amazon.com. It is clear what many customers think of this product. The 4-1/2″ circular saw does not come with a carrying case. Further, there is no laser guide, something which is offered by Rockwell. Despite having a few downsides, it is important to realize that the customer reviews have been positive for the most part.

Obviously, it will not replace a full-sized circular saw entirely. With the included 24 teeth wood cutter, the mini handheld cutting tool might have problem to cut a harder material. Having said that, customer feedback indicates that this little saw offer an acceptable cutting power for its size. It is great for what it is. Durability seem fine. The manufacturer offers a relatively long 3-year warranty period for the product.

The WORX WX429L is not for everyone. Other options are available in the market. If you want a mini saw that comes with different blade types, have a look at the Dremel SM20. The tool, however, uses 3”-diameter blades. For the price, the WORX WX429L is worth considering. As long as you keep in mind that it is just an inexpensive, light-duty circular saw, it will be one of your favorite tool purchases.

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